Corporate Name XBrain Co., Ltd.
CEO Jin-young Choi
Date of Establishment January 1, 2015

Technology Assets

Alice, online machine-learning platform

Main Businesses

  • XBrain helps those with little knowledge and experience of machine learning to use it easily.
  • Machine-learning technologies aren’t yet being actively used in various areas of life due to various entry barriers such as lack of professional workers, machine-learning related software difficult to use.
  • We would like to lower these entry barriers and help anyone to use machine-learning easily through Alice XBrain has to offer.

Major Accomplishments

  • 2015. 01
    Business registration and commencement
  • 2015. 03
    Winning a security project from Penta Security Systems Inc., using a machine-learning (deep learning)
  • 2015. 11
    Application for a patent related to web security using deep-learning
  • 2016. 01
    Fitogether carries out a project “Soccer motions identification algorithm,” developing sensors designed for soccer players
  • 2016. 03
    Commencement of private beta services of Alice, a tool for cloud-based machine-learning modeling and distribution easily available for anyone
  • 2016. 04
    The 3rd place in the final round of AutoML Challenge at the machine-learning international academic conference.

Main Products

당신만의 머신러닝 과학자 alice
  • Product name
  • Introduction to the product
    A software for cloud-based machine-learning modeling and distribution, Alice helps general developers or data scientists to use machine-learning more easily.
    Able to create prediction models with high accuracy more easily and more conveniently through a web-based, intuitive interface.
    In particular, Alice helps users focus on data, which are the essence of problems, using an auto machine-learning technology that finds users optimal machine-learning algorithm suitable to given data.
    Able to directly deploy models formed by experiments on the cloud, and apply them to users’ own system in just a matter of a few minutes through RESTful API which is offered.

Current Status of Patent Application and Certification Acquisition

1 patent (registered) related to deep learning security, “A method and device to detect abnormal input data using Convolutional Neutral Network”


  • 2015. 01
    The 1st place in the POSTECH Start-up Incubator APGC-Lab Tech+Star program
  • 2016. 04
    The 3rd place in the final round of AutoML Challenge at machine-learning international academic conference.