(주)엔비포스텍 Outline of the company
Corporate Name NB POSTECH, Inc.
CEO Joon won Park
Date of Establishment February 4, 2008
Major Shareholders POSTECH Holdings Co., Ltd, Handok Inc, Joon won Park

Technology Assets

NanoConesTM Technology (Surface nano-coating technology)

Main Businesses

  • Manufacturing and selling surface coated products using NanoCones technology
  • Developing diagnostic devices using NanoCones technology

Major Accomplishments

  • 2008. 02
    Establishment of NSB POSTECH Inc.
  • 2009. 06
    Establishment of US subsidiary company, NANOGEA
  • 2010. 02
    Attraction of investment in Handok Inc.
  • 2013. 03
    Incorporation into a subsidiary company of POSTECH Holdings
  • 2016. 03
    Attraction of investment in Handok Inc.
  • 2016. 03
    Change of company name as NB POSTECH Inc.

Main Products

Proper lateral spacing for the biomolecules of YOUR interest: -DNA, RNA PNA LNA -Protein -Aptamer -Carbohydrate -etc, The spacing can be adjusted based on your needs, A recent review: J. Mater, Chem. B, 5153(2015)
  • 9-Acid coated slides
  • 27-Acid ciated slids
Pritein Microarray
  • Kinase microarray
  • Cytokine microarray
AFM probes
NanoCones coated AFM probe
NanoCones coated rod
Silicon Wafers
NanoCones coated wafers