Corporate Name CB TECH Co., Ltd.
CEO Ok-jin Kim
Date of Establishment September 1st, 2011
Major Shareholders Gi-mun Kim, POSTECH Holdings Co., Ltd, POSTECH, Ok-jin Kim, Young-ho Go

Technology Assets

Development of cucurbituril application technology

Main Businesses

CB TECH’s main business area is to manufacture and sell cucurbituril and develop application technologies using this, making it a vision to create new markets within the next 10 years in various fields such as household goods, medical treatment and industry through development of application technologies using cucurbituril.

Major Accomplishments

  • 2011. 01
    Establishment of CB TECH Co., Ltd. (by professor Ki-moon Kim)
  • 2011. 10
    Transference of a cucurbituril related patent from POSTECH
  • 2011. 10
    Commencement to sell cucurbituril (CB) homologues (Stream Chemical and domestic markets)
  • 2012. 06
    CEO replacement (current CEO: Ok-jin Kim)
  • 2013. 05
    Addition of 4 kinds of businesses besides cosmetics manufacturing business
  • 2013. 12
    Incorporation into a subsidiary company of POSTECH Holdings.
  • 2014. 08
    Move into POSTECH Business Incubator Center

Main Products

  • Application and registration of about 40 application-related patents using cucurbituril homologues/their derivatives
  • Commencement to sell cucurbituril homologues/their derivatives to Stream Chemical, US major reagent company
  • Expected to be used not only for household items but also for agriculture, environment, and pharmaceutical industry and so on
  • Expected to be applied to development of new nanotechnology and biotechnology