A collection of questions frequently asked by clients and their answers.
What are the benefits of being a subsidiary company?

Able to receive help from POSTECH start-up network (start-up and technology business related organization). Able to receive support for Value up from the holding company from start-up to entering into new business and overseas markets. Able to receive financial support for many problems occurring at the time of start-up such as prototyping, feasibility analysis, expert advice, data collection, legal costs. Able to receive support for business expansion such as PR and marketing, follow-up investment attraction. Able to receive help for entering into new business and overseas markets later on. In addition, able to receive benefits of POSTECH enterprise network (technical business and start-up-related institutions).

What are procedures for investment in a subsidiary company?

First, the holding company reviews business plans of target companies for investment and performs preliminary feasibility analysis and then determine intention to invest through deliberation committee of both inside and outside experts and then review contract conclusion and enforce investment.

What is investment of shares at the time of start-up and incorporation of a subsidiary company ?

In terms of investment ratio, the holding company, in principle, should contribute more than 20% of total shares of its subsidiaries under the article 36, paragraph 3 of “The Promotion of Industrial Education and Industry-Academy Cooperation Act,” (same as 20% at incorporation), subject to adjustment through consultation among participants in the business later on.

What kinds of helps are expected from POSTECH Holdings at the time of start-up?

The holding company actively supports technology-based start-up at the university-based seed stage by building a professional system for technology transfer and commercialization. Would-be founders are able to receive support for BM establishment, start-up consultation, and administration and receive help such as obtaining capital investment from the holding company.

Who are eligible to apply for a business and what are qualifications?

Proceeding with support for business for start-up companies by POSTECH members, companies with POSTECH technology transfer, and our company’s subsidiary companies. POSTECH members include faculty members (researchers, full-time staffs, non-full-time staffs) and students (undergraduates, masters and PhD students, alumni).

What are methods for technology commercialization?

Able to commercialize technology in an appropriate way out of direct commercialization and technology transfer(Licensing) when holding intellectual property rights. Able to proceed actively with business for a long time in case of direct start-up and enhance technology value. Able to realize profits instantly at the time of technology transfer in the meantime.