‘Technology transfer’ refers to transfer or grant of rights or technologies acquired from research and development to those who want to implement them.
1Selection of target companies
2Technology marketing
3Review of commercialization
4Negotiation for technology transfer
5Internal deliberation
6Contract of technology transfer
7Collection of technology fees
8Support for follow-up commercialization
Number of Technology Transfers
포스텍기술지주 기술이전 건수를 나타내는 표입니다.
Year Number of technology transfers
2012 29
2013 20
2014 26
2015 19
Royalty income from Technology Transfer
Unit: million won
포스텍기술지주 기술이전 수입료(백만원)을 나타내는 표입니다.
Year Import for technology transfer
2012 1,699
2013 1,926
2014 1,839
2015 3,128
STEP1Marketing for Selection of Target Technology
Selection of target technology for technology transfer

  • Identification of market trends and selection of related technologies
  • Interview with inventors
Reinforcement of technology marketing

  • Utilization of commercialization portal
  • Building technology packaging and patent portfolio
Review of commercialization feasibility
STEP2Technology Transfer Contract
Technology transfer negotiation

  • Technology fees contract period, transfer method, etc.
Review and adjustment of main terms and conditions of contract
Final internal deliberation
Conclusion of technology transfer contract
STEP3Follow-Up Management
Collection of technology fees
Contract alteration and termination management
Support for commercialization success

  • Support for subsequent R&BD
  • Connection with professional organizations for commercialization
  • Direct capital investment