Establishment of Subsidiary Companies

We take the lead in POSTECH’s direct commercialization services through continuous discovery of and investment in technology-based start-up.
1Discovery review
2Investment deliberation committee
3Investment enforcement monitoring
4Support for growth
STEP1Search for Investment Target Companies
Facilitation of discovery by organizing advisories in the related field.
Preliminary feasibility analysis such as business plan review.
STEP2Investment Decision Through Internal/External Experts (5 Persons)
Internal: CEO of technology holding company, chief of management planning team
External: 3 experts for VC screening
(operation by nomination or pool)
STEP3Conclusion of Investment Contract and Systematic Monitoring
Review of contract conclusion and investment enforcement
Risk management through regular/frequent monitoring
STEP4Support for Follow-Up Value-Up
Follow-up support such as technology commercialization, networking, investment attraction
Utilization of growth strategy in connection with POSTECH and POSCO venture ecosystem
STEP5M&A / IPO Support
Establishment of portfolio-specific optimal investment recovery strategy such as connection with strategic/financial investors, M&A, and IPO.