Introduction to POSTECH Holdings

We would like to introduce POSTECH Holdings and main business.


POSTECH Holdings is a 100% subsidiary company of POSTECH Research and Business Development Foundation and a specialized organization founded to promote commercialization of POSTECH possessed technologies.

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We contribute to effective growth of companies by offering customized supports depending on companies’ growth stage. Even after conclusion of investment contract, we continue to manage risks through systematic monitoring.

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Technology Transfer

We proceed systematically from selection of target technologies to technology transfer agreements, according to technology transfer guideline. We offer additional cooperative plans by managing technology-transferred companies regularly.

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Major Accomplishments

We are ready to take the lead in POSTECH technology commercialization through brand new technologies and values creation.

  • Number of
    Subsidiary Establishment
  • Investment Attraction of
    Subsidiary Companies
    60.1billion won
  • Number of
    Technology Transfer
  • Fees for
    Technology Transfer
    220billion won
*The current standard as of December 31, 2016

Introduction to Subsidiary Companies

We would like to introduce subsidiary companies of POSTECH Holdings.


포스텍 기술지주 추천기업 엑스브레인, TI..
July 13, 2017
포스텍 기술지주가 TIPS 운영사가 된 이후, 첫 번째 추천기업인 엑스브레인이 TIPS프로그램에 최종 선정되었습니다. TIPS프로그램은 중기청 주관 민간투자주도형 기술..


포항공과대학교 기술지주(주) 기술사업화 ..
July 19, 2017

PR data room

전국 대학(원)생 창업경진대회 수상팀 포스..
January 09, 2017
지난 12월 29일 전국 대학(원)생 창업경진대회 시상식 및 투자의향 조인식이 진행되었습니다. 포항공과대학교 사맛다팀은 유망 아이디어상 부문 대상을 imageCyer팀..

Customer Inquiries

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